We are saddened by the narrative at the press conference today and alarmed that Mr Chansiri says the future of the club is so uncertain, without putting forward any plan or reassurance that he can or will manage the situation actively. We would like to reiterate our offer to contribute to a business plan, and underline the recommendations we made in our open letter this week.

In particular, we found some of his comments about fans asking for the return of money owed on 19/20 Season Tickets and behaving “worse than customers” very insensitive. To say everyone “knows the club needs cash” when large numbers of people are losing their jobs in the current climate shows a lack of awareness of what that kind of money means to the average Sheffield family.

We have previously shared our research on refunds from other Championship clubs on 20/21 Season Tickets, but offer this again in relation to Mr Chansiri’s suggestion that other fans are not receiving refunds. We will also liaise with the FSA to understand the latest position on 19/20 refunds at each Championship club and feedback to SWFC.

This is part of a series of reports and surveys we have shared with the club this year to help and inform club strategy.

It should be noted that we condemn the reported abuse that Mr Charsiri’s son has received.

We have contacted the club following the press conference today to ask Mr Chansiri to specify what he believes we have said which is untrue so that we can review. All of our statements are publicly available on our website and/or social media feeds.

In addition, we have resent the open letter to the club to ensure that Mr Chansiri gets chance to consider its contents.

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