The Sheffield Wednesday Supporters Trust wishes to address recent incidents that have occurred off the pitch at Hillsborough Stadium, notably during the matches against Plymouth and Leeds. Objects, presumed to be plastic bottles among others, were thrown onto the pitch, events that have not gone unnoticed, having been broadcast on national television.

The Trust emphasises the importance of safety for all supporters, both visiting and home fans. Such incidents not only contravene legal and ethical standards but also pose a significant risk to the well-being of individuals and potentially attract disciplinary actions from the EFL, including points deductions. Such outcomes could detrimentally impact the commendable efforts of Danny and his team, potentially leading to severe consequences for the club.

We urge supporters to recognise that actions involving abuse or the throwing of objects constitute criminal behaviour, warranting police involvement and club-imposed bans. Individuals engaging in such actions do not support the club's values or contribute positively to our community.

The Trust acknowledges that altering the behaviour of a small number of individuals who engage in such acts under the guise of support for the club requires a multifaceted approach, including education, rehabilitation, and remediation. We encourage anyone with information regarding these incidents to come forward, which can be done anonymously through the club or police channels. The Trust commits to handling all information with the utmost confidentiality.

It is crucial to remember that these individuals represent a minute fraction of our broader and dedicated supporter base. Through collective action and shared responsibility, we can work towards eradicating such damaging behaviour, thereby avoiding further negative publicity, potential EFL sanctions, and harm to our club's reputation and efforts.

The Trust is dedicated to maintaining an environment where all fans, including vulnerable adults and children who consider the club a significant part of their lives, feel safe and valued. For any concerns or to seek assistance, please refer to the following contacts:

For immediate police assistance, dial 101 or 999 in urgent cases.

For supporter conduct guidelines, visit

For SWFC inquiries:

For SWFC Supporters Trust:

Your attention and cooperation with this matter are highly appreciated.

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